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Benefits of Signing with CricX


UK's Leading Cricket Agency

Sign up and become associated with the leading cricket agency on the market. We have unrivalled access to clubs, the widest range of options and are un-matched in-terms of overseas placements.


ECB, PCA, ACA & NZCPA Accredited Agent

CricX have agents accredited with various cricket boards and players' associations, including the ECB, PCA, ACA and NZCPA.


Unrivalled Opportunities Abroad

We offer unrivalled access to opportunities abroad. There is no better connected agency on the market!


Endorsement & Sponsorships

We can provide endorsement contracts, sponsorship deals and a range of product discounts through our partners including the likes of Kookaburra, Nike, Aero, Asics, Oakley and Ray-Ban to name just a few!


Feature on this Website

This website generates massive cricket specific traffic. All our exclusive clients feature on this site which generates exposure, interest and ultimately offers and opportunities. Join the CricX team now!



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"A high quality professional, efficient and personable service"

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"Professional, extremely knowledgeable and highly recommended"

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"I have used other agencies in the past, but no-one can match CricX"

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Welcome to your Player Home

The prospect of finding a new club (be that home or abroad) can be a daunting one. It can be a frustrating and time consuming process, often flooded with pitfalls. How do I find a club? What standard of cricket best suits my needs? What is my market value? What are the entry requirements, visa options and restrictions? What is the benefit of using an agent? These are all questions commonly raised by players and ones we deal with on a daily basis.

At CricX, our client’s interests are of paramount importance. We will guide you through the process required to find a suitable club. CricX is the UK’s leading cricket agency and have an established reputation for not only providing the best playing deals on the market, but an unprecedented level of support. We will alleviate any queries or concerns you may have and ensure you find a club that best fits your needs. If you’re seeking an overseas club for the first time, or you’re a seasoned professional, CricX will make the process as quick and easy as possible to ensure you procure not only a suitable club, but your market value.

Why use CricX?

• CricX is the UK's leading cricket agency and global market leaders.

• Officially registered and accredited agent with the ECB, PCA, ACA and NZCPA.

• Have placed more cricketers than any other agent, or agency on the market.

• Offer unrivalled access to clubs in the UK and abroad.

• Boast the largest range (and most lucrative) club deals on the market.

• CricX has access to Counties, States, Franchises and Provinces around the globe.

• Our commitment to clients is unprecedented, contactable round-the-clock.

• Offer a comprehensive, personable service which exceeds client expectations.

• CricX is a full-time business, dedicated to providing the best service available.

• Provide a range of discounts, sponsorships and benefits through our partners.

• CricX has links with various Embassy’s and offer unrivalled support with visas.

• Feature on this site to generate maximum exposure and ultimately, the best deals.

CricX Services

Our main role is to find players’ clubs – it’s that simple! We cater for players of all levels, from test and first-class professionals to amateur grade and premier club cricketers. Naturally, we offer additional benefits and the key ones are listed below.
Club Search & Contract Negotiation
We source and negotiate playing (and coaching) contracts through our extensive club networks and comprehensive market knowledge.
Endorsements & Sponsorships
Through our extensive network of contacts and partners, we can provide endorsement contracts, sponsorships and a range of product discounts.
Through our alliances with several key travel companies, we can guide you through all your travel arrangements and source the cheapest flights.
We can provide advice on visa regulations and entry mechanisms available to you. Our partners in the UK, Australia and South Africa can submit visa applications on your behalf to remove the potential of being declined a visa.
Car Insurance
Our key insurance underwriter and recommended insurer for the PCA offer facilities for insuring cricketer’s competitive car insurance quotes.
Taxation Services
Our accountancy partner can advise in areas of compliance relating to personal tax and assistance with cricketers tax returns.
Legal Services
Our legal partner is one of the top legal firms in the UK and can assist with any contractual disputes and resolution where required.

Find a Club

To start the process of finding a club, your first port of call should be to REGISTER and sign-up with CricX. Your player profile will be drafted and uploaded to our website to start generating club interest. Alternatively, please CONTACT us direct to discuss any queries, concerns or your requirements.