Langley Mill United have signed Bangladeshi run machine, Marshall Ayub, for their 2020 Derbyshire Premier League campaign.

Domestic run churner

Marshall Ayub is an exceptional batter who bowls useful leg-spin currently skippering Dhaka Metropolis in Bangladeshi’s National Cricket League.

He has been an absolute stand-out performer in domestic cricket, particularly in the first-class and List A formats in recent years, following his 3 Tests between October 2013 and January 2014.

He is amongst the leading run-scorers this summer to date (334 runs at 83.50), backing up several dominant seasons in red-ball, most notably 2015/16 (959 runs at 50.47) and 2017/18 (747 runs at 49.80).

In List A, he has averaged neigh on 40 since the start of the 2013/14 season with 600 plus run tallies in 2017 (661 runs at 44.06) and 2017/18 (632 runs at 45.14).

Marshall in full flow in Bangladesh.

LMU sign their man

The Bangladeshi run machine, who was rewarded with 3 Tests following his barnstorming 2012/13 season (1,069 runs at 71.266) is now set to play his first season’s UK league cricket in 2020.

According to various sources, Ayub is someone capable of breaking all sorts of league batting records. He’s going to put this to the test in 2020, having recently signed with Langley Mill United following their promotion to the Derbyshire Premier Cricket League in 2020.